Funny game

I always thought that I would like to try something that I have never tried before, something that can be interesting, and I will have memories of it for a lifetime. So, I thought I`d try some bungee jumping. But when I was there, when I was standing on the bridge and I was tied to the rope, I changed my mind. You know, it was a complete shock to me, she was looking down, so I thought I can`t handle this because I was scared. I already had dark thoughts that the rope would break during the jump, and I would fall there, and it would not turn out well. So, I told myself that I will not risk this and that I would rather go home and ride my bike, which is safer. But then, before long, my friend discovered the Shopping Range in Prague. I was shocked because I didn`t really know what it was. I knew it would be something with a gun and shooting. And it was true.

Do you want shooting?

I could go shoot at any time. I live with a friend not far from Prague and I have to admit that I have never heard about the shooting range. I was quite surprised. I thought about the shooting for about two days, and my friend persuaded me that we could try it. Because my friend and I only go swimming or aerobics, so shooting a gun at the Shooting Range was really a novelty for us.

Job like soldier.

And in the end, I agreed. And I was quite happy. And I really enjoyed it a lot, because at the Shopping Range I was taught by the professionals themselves, who showed us how to shoot. I was surprised how heavy the weapon is and how difficult it is to shoot. And I don`t have good eyesight at all. I was shooting at the target, and I enjoyed it. I only hit two shots at the target. And not in the middle, but completely outside. But it doesn`t matter to me, because I decided to go to the shooting range regularly, once a month. My friend will go with me. And we are both excited to experience the s